Joe Scarboro

"In a world where the commercial landscape is changing quicker than most of the companies within it, The Ada Lovelace Academy looks set to teach the skills required for young employees and entrepreneurs to excel in this environment."

Gabbi Cahane

"A timely and highly relevant alternative to traditional educational establishments. Rightly focused on the most important skills for the world of work that exists today –  communication, creativity and commerce.  The Ada Lovelace Academy will inspire the next generation of British founders and  offer employers the opportunity to access and support young talent"


James Governor – Redmonk & Shoreditch Works

“Hackney needs better pathways into the local digital economy for local kids and the Ada Academy fits the bill perfectly, with its goals of fostering both tech and entrepreneurial skills and attitude”

Nik Roope – Poke

"Talent is everything in creative tech and there just isn't enough to go around. Let's make some more. Quickly!"

Sophie Eden – Gordon and Eden

gordon and eden 1
“So many are talking about this issue but so few are doing. This is exactly the kind of thing that needs to be done in order to ensure the next generation are fully equipped with the right skills to be successful in the start-up world”

Ben Mumby – Croft Enterprise Education Manager City University London

"This is the kind of bold, imaginative and, day I say it, entrepreneurial (I just did) thinking the further education sector needs. It's the kind of school I wish I could've gone to and exactly the kind of school I'll be sending my daughter to."

Ben Mumby - Croft Enterprise Education Manager City University London

Duane Jackson

"This looks like the school I wish I could have gone to as a kid growing up in East London. I know it'll have a huge impact on the area and help to grow our future founders and entrepreneurial employees, something we're going to sorely need to be able to continue to compete on a global stage"

Kathryn Parsons – Decoded

Kathryn Parsons
"Design, Entrepreneurship, Business Skills, Technology and a Sense of Community.  The Ada Lovelace Academy.  How incredible if these things were taught at every school in the country."

Victoria Stoyanova

“Makes me want to have children just to send them here!”

Tim Draper – DFJ Venture

"The Ada Lovelace Academy is filling an enormous gap in the education offerings available to 16-19 year old students. Students can learn technical skills there, and then come to Draper University of Heroes to become great entrepreneurs."

Andrew McDonough

"I wish this had existed when I was at school."

Deborah Rippol – UP Global

UP Global
“A startup school with a startup heart, likely to be huge!”

Sam Gordon – Gordon & Eden

gordon and eden 1
“This is just the school we need to inspire the UK’s next generation of entrepreneurs”

Courtney Boyd Meyers – Audience.io

"London will be a better city tomorrow because Ada Lovelace supports entrepreneurship education today. There is no higher calling than to inspire our youth to become future changemakers. "

Matt Muir

"Teaching young people the skills needed to thrive in the digital economy goes far beyond teaching them Powerpoint; the ALA will fill a massive gap in the curriculum for East London's youth".

Design & Digital Comms.

The internet has transformed the way we interact, the way we communicate with each other and the way we do business.

We hear complaints from employers that today’s young people do not have the skills needed to meet the challenges of the job market. Increasingly, jobseekers are having to retrain in more and more digitally-focused areas to find work.

The Ada Lovelace Academy will put these core work skills at the heart of its curriculum and approach, to ensure our pupils are work-ready the minute they graduate and that they are equipped with the abilities needed to flourish in the 21st Century job market.



The world is becoming truly global. Businesses have had to learn to adapt to the new ways of working, and many have struggled to survive.

We believe that an entrepreneurial mindset is a necessity in succeeding in today’s world. Entrepreneurship is a core philosophy of looking at the world as a series of opportunities and challenges with risks and rewards – a philosophy which empowers and enables individuals to achieve define and achieve their goals.

Our pupils will be taught by world-leading entrepreneurs from London and beyond; inspirational individuals who will teach the key frameworks to help them succeed financially from the minute they graduate.


Business Skills

Ideas are fantastic, but they can often be impractical without a solid business case behind them, or project management framework before them.

Many small businesses fail because they didn’t place core business skills at the heart of their ideas and dreams.

The Ada Lovelace Academy will teach its pupils how best to assess ideas and opportunities, when not to take unnecessary risks, and instruct them in the methodologies and practices on which success can often depend.

Presentation Skills

In an increasingly competitive landscape for work placements, educational placements and investment, presenting oneself is an essential component in making oneself stand out.

Regular public speaking lessons, as well as presentations, debates, and networking training and events, will prepare our pupils for the fast-paced world of business with skills well beyond their years.

Latest Technologies

Computers are everywhere and yet still often invisible in the modern classroom.

We will provide each pupil with the latest appropriate devices, access to the latest in 3D printing, high-speed internet, and all the coolest – and most useful – technology available.

In an era where the pace of technological change is at its fastest in recent memory, we believe that only through access to the best and most current technology can young people maximise the opportunities afforded by the future.

A Sense of Community

We believe passionately in ensuring the best possible pastoral care for our pupils and we believe that it should be lead by those who need it: the pupils.

Each year group will elect a Pupil President and a Pupil Governing Body which will set and administer the rules of behaviour for all pupils, with a system of checks and balances in place through the teaching faculty and board of governors.

We believe this bottom-up approach to pastoral care will revolutionise how young people see themselves: as young adults with personal responsibility, not as children being told what to do.


The Aim

We’ve spent a long time thinking about how best to ensure the business leaders of tomorrow are as effective, efficient, creative and digitally enabled as possible, so they can meet the challenges of the next generation.

We’re working on a curriculum that celebrates design, coding skills, business logic, a sound grasp of numbers, writing for the internet age, management philosophies and holistic, dialogue-led learning practices.

In short, we’re creating a school for everyone that thinks they’re not like everyone else.

We’re building a school for the next Sir Jony Ive; Sir James Dyson; Steve Jobs;  Marissa Mayer;  Sheryl Sandberg; Sir Tim Berners-Lee; Deborah Meaden; Levi Roots; and you.

If you want to change the world, we want to help you do it.

As a parent or business how can I help?

We’re going to need a lot a support; not least in terms of skills, framing the curriculum and navigating the application process for Free School status, as well as fundraising, to create the best possible technologically-enabled school the world has ever seen.

We’re fundraising currently – every penny counts and will go towards ensuring this idea succeeds.


How Can I Keep Up To Date With Your Progress?

The easiest way is via our newsletter which will let you know how we’re progressing. We’ll also be communicating via this website, Twitter and Facebook, but to stay up to date we recommend our newsletter. We promise to never, ever, spam you.

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